The US is considering allowing Venezuelan migrants to enter if they have a sponsor, says The New York Times

US media reported that the United States is considering the possibility of implementing a program for Venezuelan migrants that includes the figure of a sponsor to enter the country.

Two Biden administration officials assured The New York Times (NYT) that it would be a program similar to the one proposed for Ukrainian citizens, which consists of a family member in the United States making a request on behalf of the person. In this way, the applicant agrees to financially support the migrant while in the country.

One of the objectives of the program, as stated in the note published last Tuesday, October 11, would be to encourage migrants to enter through the official ports of entry. People who do not have a sponsor or sponsor, or who enter through irregular paths, would not be authorized to enter the country.

The measure would not apply to Venezuelans who are already in the country. People who have legally crossed into a neighboring country to Venezuela could apply.

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