Six Mexican Nationals Sentenced For International Sex Trafficking Offenses

Between at least in or about 2000 and 2016, members of the STO (the “Traffickers”) used false promises, physical and sexual violence, threats, lies, and coercion to force and coerce adult and minor women (the “Victims”) to work in prostitution in both Mexico and the United States.

In most cases, a Trafficker enticed a Victim – frequently a minor – in Mexico.  The Trafficker then used multiple means to isolate the Victim from her family.  In some cases, the Trafficker used romantic promises to induce the Victim to leave her family and live with the Trafficker.  In other cases, the Trafficker raped the Victim, making it difficult for her to return to her family due to the associated stigma of the rape.  Once a Victim was separated from her family, the Trafficker frequently monitored her communications, kept her locked in an apartment, left her without food, and engaged in physical or sexual violence against the Victim.

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