Alleged’ Facebook Live Mass Shooter Detained in TN

Memphis PD confirmed a 19-year old man has been taken into custody after allegedly gunning down four random strangers in various locations and injuring three more – while streaming the chaos on Facebook!

The rampage began early on Wednesday as cops triggered a shelter in place order as they searched for the suspect.

Around 18:00 local time, a citizen alerted police to the Facebook video in which Ezekiel Kelly was threatening to harm others, before a high-speed chase three hours later finally led to his arrest.

Meta has since removed the footage.

But the question we (MAGA Extremists) all have, is WHAT will happen to the platform?

This is not the first time a terror event was live-streamed via Meta’s Facebook, and we know it certainly won’t be the last.

Meanwhile Google refuses to add the TRUTH SOCIAL app to it’s Google Play store citing “moderation concerns”.

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