After 21 years of watching $21+ trillion go missing from U.S. federal accounts at HUD and the Department of Defense (DOD), I am often asked, “Where did the money go and how do we get it back?”

As someone interested in how massive monetary infusions by central bankers translate into a tsunami of money directed by insiders that rolls over the Monopoly board, I decided it was time to take a look at SPACs to see what the phenomenon said about the Going Direct Reset under way.

The bottom line: Follow the money for a fascinating story of hundreds of billions of dollars that went merrily by, while most of us were locked down and losing our jobs, businesses, and lives while fighting mandates. It is a reminder of the old adage that no matter how bad things look, “there is a bull market somewhere.”

Indeed, in 2020 the central bankers made sure of that…

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