DHS warns of potential violent extremist activity in response to abortion ruling

The memo from the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis says federal and state government officials, including judges, “probably are most at risk for violence in response to the decision.”

It also includes warnings about “First Amendment protected events,” reproductive and “family advocacy health care facilities,” and faith-based organizations being targets for violence or criminal incidents.

The memo notes that potential violence is expected “for weeks” following Friday’s decision given that domestic violent extremists “may be mobilized to respond to changes in state laws and ballot measures” related to abortion. The assessment, DHS said in the memo, is based on an increase in violent incidents after a draft was leaked last month.

Some of those earlier incidents are cited throughout the memo, including arson attacks targeting pregnancy resource centers and incidents of vandalism threatening violence targeting “religious facilities perceived as being opposed to abortion.”

Seattle Antifa attack pro-life girl, tackle her to the ground and pepper spray her.

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