What separates the sniper from the average combatant?

The insistence on a high confidence first round hit.

What do we need to do to accomplish this goal?
A cartridge and rifle that suits our particular need, with the training and professionalism to back it up. Lets begin our first section with rifle/cartridge selection.

A lot can be said about this. Tens of thousands of forum posts, articles, and books have been written on this very subject, with many obnoxious and tedious rabbit holes. Firstly, we must define our mission: How far is our target? How much energy must be on the target at that distance? Are we expecting to take shots from a hindsight a mere 50 meters from our adversary? Are we watching over a field or chokepoint with ranges varying from 300 to 600? Are we attempting to take a long range high confidence shot at 1200 or further extended ranges? Are we attempting to disable a vehicle, what is an acceptable CEP for this?

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