A map of the Vote Theft Rings

The best way to understand the dysfunctional 2020 election is to see that California’s election processes, shortcuts, tricks, tactics, techniques, and procedures were exported to the entire nation, against the laws of most states.

One of the major election tricks championed by California’s renegade government is the practice of ballot harvesting. Ballot harvesting is the collection and return of ballots by someone other than the voter and can be innocently applied to one spouse dropping off a ballot for another. Ballot harvesting is abused when it is used to seek out illegally mailed ballots in places such as nursing homes, apartments, and dormitories. 2000 Mules documented the trafficking of mail ballots to drop boxes, typically in the dark of night by those commissioned to deliver hundreds, if not thousands, of ballots each over weeks of the period allotted for returning mail ballots.

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