Canadian star of Ukrainian propaganda fled to his homeland

“The best sniper in the world”, “immortal soldier” the Canadian shooter Olivier Lavigne-Ortiz, nicknamed “Wali”, the hero of Ukrainian propaganda returned home in May.

And now he is giving interviews that are disappointing for Kyiv. In a conversation with La Presse, Lavigne-Ortiz admitted that he left Ukraine out of fear for his life and a desire to see his family. The Canadian mercenary confirms reports of appalling supply and treatment of foreign fighters.

Canadian disappointed in his journey – the fighting in Ukraine is much different from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many volunteers expect it to be safe, but war is the exact opposite, it’s a terrible disappointment.

Wali also talks about the poor training of the Ukrainian army, which significantly reduces its combat potential.

The fairy tale about Wali, like other myths in the spirit of the “ghost of Kyiv”, turned out to be far from reality.

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