Columbus, Ohio: ‘White people are inferior’: Student gov member says Black people ‘superior’ to others.

A member of Ohio State University’s Undergraduate Student Government (OSU-USG) said that white people are inferior, and he would “absolutely love” to live in a world where it’s taught that Black people are superior to others.

The comments came from OSU-USG’s parliamentarian, John Fuller, during a meeting discussing a resolution to condemn anti-critical race theory legislation.

During a discussion on the resolution, a student made the comment that anti-CRT legislation will not prohibit the teaching of discrimination, slavery and racism.

“Those exist, and there’s no denying that,” the student said, adding that the anti-CRT legislation discussed appeared to be the opposite of racism, and that arguing a person is inherently superior based on their race or sex violates House Bill 322 passed by the student government’s general assembly.

Following the student’s comments against the resolution, OSU-USG’s parliamentarian, John Fuller, argued adamantly that “the only people who are taught that they are superior to another race are white people.”

And I would absolutely love to live in a world where Black people were taught that they are superior,” Fuller continued. “I would love it, because I full-heartedly believe that. But that’s not the case, at all. And so, I just wanted to make that very clear.

Fuller added that, “by taking away the teaching of one race as superior to another that is inherently white supremacy, because white people learn from birth that they are superior.”

White supremacy is not something that you learn about, by any means, and it’s a relatively new term and it’s a term that is heavily debated because a lot of people don’t like calling white people superior, and I completely understand with that,” Fuller continued. “But there’s no such thing as white inferiority, there would be a protest if somebody said that on this campus – like literally – white people are inferior. And I’m gonna say that right now because this is my space to say that. But like, I do believe that Black people are superior – but that’s not something that we’re taught in schools, by any means, and it’s not something we’ll ever be taught.


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