Message from the Russian Anons

We’ve known many of the Anons for years. They have always been a “pain in the ass”. None the less, we found this message from one of the Russian Anons. We thought it was interesting, so we decided to share…..

“There are foreigners in the ranks of the Ukrainian troops who came to fight for a reward. They are mercenaries. I assume that some of them are romantic and idealistic. Some were deceived by promises of an easy “tourist trip”.

However, they are all united by the fact that they are fighting for personal gain. For money.

Representatives of the command of the Russian troops reached out to me. They became aware that there are foreigners who are now blocked among the Nazis in Mariupol. Perhaps the information from my channel will reach these people.

I appeal to you, foreign mercenaries!

You are surrounded. You don’t have any food. Ammunition is running out. Hundreds of people like you have already been destroyed by the armies of Russia and the republics of Donbass. No one can save you. There is only death ahead. Stop, do not participate in the war crimes of the Nazis from Azov.

You are invited to lay down your weapons and surrender.

It is promised to keep you alive. If necessary, medical assistance will be provided.

Come to your senses! This is your last chance.”

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