Guatemala President accuses US President Joe Biden of “Nourishing the Devil” with the Oil Deal with Venezuelan Regime’s Authorities

The president of Guatemala, the conservative Alejandro Giammattei, who spoke with the journalist Ashley Oliver from Breitbart News, where he denounced what he called as “a reprehensible political agreement” between Biden and Maduro.

Giammattei, who before becoming president directed the Guatemalan prison system and was closely acquainted with the functioning of drug trafficking in Central America, affirmed that his Govt is acting to intercept drug shipments that are going from Venezuela into US.

“You want to know how much we have seized in drugs this year alone, from January to now?” he asked him. “Marijuana plants, we have exceeded 9 million. Kilos of cocaine, more than 1,213 kilos of cocaine. Since I took office, we have extradited 82 people to the US for drug trafficking and 21 more people for other related crimes. Unprecedented statistics,” he stated.”

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