Documents seized by the team that executed Osama Bin Laden have been released.

In these documents numerous evidence has been marked as proof of everything that this evil did to USA.

Al-Qaida leader miscalculated the response to the most painful day in our history. September 11 was meant to bring fear and panic to the american leaders and population.

However instead of obedience, we responded with strong attitude and deployed our soldiers! From this moment Osama Bin Laden was hiding and trying to re-group his AlQaida unsucesffully, until May 2nd, 2011.

He was executed in his secure compound in Abbottabad. They not only killed the al Qaeda leader but swept up a treasure trove of his personal belongings. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has since made a large portion of these materials available to the public.

Documents seized in the raid that killed bin Laden reveal plans for al Qaeda associates to charter a plane rather than hijack one for a post-9/11 attack in the U.S. If chartering was too difficult, bin Laden said U.S. railways should be targeted.

“He wanted to have 12 meters of steel rail removed so that, this way, the train could be derailed. And we find him explaining the simple toolkit that they could use,” Lahoud said. “You know, he said, ‘You could use a compressor. You could use a smelting iron tool.'”

Fortunately, he was never able to execute his plan.

Still, bin Laden kept plotting, Lahoud told Alfonsi. She showed 60 Minutes a letter that laid out his plan for another terror attack in 2010. This time, he wanted to target multiple crude oil tankers and major shipping routes around the Middle East and Africa.

Laden detailed how al Qaeda operatives should integrate themselves into those port areas as fishermen. He instructed them exactly where to buy a specific kind of wooden boat to evade radar and then went into the granular details of his plan.
“The boats need to carry a large volume of explosives, preferably placed in an arch position, facing the vessel,” the letter read.

But his final plan to attack seems to have been halted by something he never saw coming, the Arab Spring. According to a family notebook, a unique item seized in the raid, the peaceful protests were confusing and concerning to the bin Ladens.

Luckily none of these attacks happened and this evil was stopped before inflicting additional pain and sorrow to our country and our nation!

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