Iran and Venezuela signed on Saturday a 20-year cooperation agreement in several areas.

The commitment, about which few details were revealed, was signed during a visit by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to Tehran.

The signing of the pact “shows the determination of the top officials of the two countries to develop relations in different fields,” Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said alongside the Venezuelan head of state. The information is from Iranian state television.

Maduro said that the two countries share an “indestructible friendship” and highlighted that they have “great cooperation fronts” in the areas of oil, gas and petrochemicals, “at the financial level, with the Iran-Venezuela National Development Bank” and also in the defense sector. The document was signed by the heads of diplomacy of the two countries.

Maduro mentioned “joint projects between the two countries to produce food in Venezuela and export to Iran” and to other countries in the region. The Venezuelan president cited the “economic miracle in food production” performed by Iran, which may inspire his country.

In addition, Maduro announced the resumption from July 18 of a Caracas-Tehran flight. “Venezuela is open to receive tourism from Iran, for them to come and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, the Andes, the Amazon,” he said. Along with Russia, China, Cuba and Turkey, Iran is one of Venezuela’s main allies.

And, just like the South American country, it faces sanctions from the United States. The two countries have in common the fact that they are targets of severe sanctions by the United States.

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