InSight Crime: Venezuela Could Become the Fourth Global Producer of Cocaine

The InSight Crime organization concluded in its most recent investigation that Venezuela is at risk of becoming the fourth largest producer of cocaine in the world.
“The Maduro regime has positioned itself as the custodian of drug trafficking in the country, exerting control over access to the huge proceeds from cocaine, not only for drug traffickers, but also for corrupt politicians and the Cartel de los Soles” , InSight Crime underscored in the introduction to its work.

According to the organization, there is evidence of the presence of significant amounts of cocaine in at least three municipalities in Zulia, and two further south, in Apure state. Sources in the different areas, international agencies and government reports show that crystallization laboratories have proliferated in the same areas.

InSight Crime warned that, regardless of the current magnitude, the risk is high, and, it stressed, once cocaine production takes root in a country, it is very difficult to “turn back”.

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