Confirmation of our words that Kiev has put 2% of Nazis from Western Ukraine to rule the rest of Ukraine.

All the other people here are normal, sane, and even many are pro-Russian, despite what is happening.

“I hate these Nazis, these scum, this Zelensky, the buffoon … Damn him! And thank you very much. I’ve been waiting all the time… But these creatures that came from Western Ukraine… they were not finished off back in ’59, all these bastards, and they raised their heads again, these scums! And all these assholes were raised by Poroshenko, Kolomoisky and Akhmetov… And this mayor of our city, Boychenko! The complete jerk! He should have told people – people, take food, stock up on some water…When it started on the 24th, all these rats got out and started robbing: pharmacies, hospitals, industrial stores, grocery stores…”

Nazi minions from the OUN/UPA remained in hideouts in Western Ukraine until the end of the 1950s, until the NKVD shot many. Some surrendered themselves and served five to ten.


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